About Spirit Events

Spirit Events strive to host competitions that are welcoming, inclusive and exciting for athletes of all levels, their families and friends.

We started running premier cheerleading events in Wellington in 2012. We simply wanted to give athletes a chance to compete in the sport of cheerleading. Since then, we have seen substantial growth in attendance and the level of competition. Although we’ve been privileged to see many talented, young athletes over the years, Spirit Events continues growing that talent by holding regular professional events where athletes can showcase and compete with the very best.

Our two events, Ministry of Cheer and Manawatu Challenge, are the perfect launching pads for cheer athletes that want to push their boundaries.

So, what is Spirit Events all about?

It’s simple. Like us, we want cheer athletes to DREAM, BELIEVE & ACHIEVE!


We started with a DREAM of creating cheerleading competitions for all Wellington athletes that would allow cheer to grow in our region. This DREAM has now become a reality, with cheerleading flourishing in Wellington and throughout New Zealand!


We BELIEVE that all athletes have the potential to be champions and should be treated as such. We recognise, appreciate and acknowledge the participation of athletes and teams by providing memorabilia of each event. We want them to know and BELIEVE they’re special.


Over the past few years, our athletes have ACHIEVED incredible feats, from young athletes competing for the first time, through to experienced athletes mastering international quality performances. We provide a professional competition that is the perfect platform for athletes to ACHIEVE their very best.