Ministry of Cheer 2019

Sunday 25 August 2019
Te Rauparaha Arena Porirua

Time: Approx. 8.30am - 6pm


Event timings

Doors open: 8.40am. We encourage pre-purchasing tickets online to avoid queues.
Tickets: Online and at door
Door sales
$14 per person, under 5s free
Cash and EFTPOS facilities available

Pre-purchased online
$11 per person, under 5s free
Purchase tickets here.

Runsheet (as at 20 August 2019)

Please ensure you check the final runsheet on the event day as these are subject to change.

General Event Information

For coaches, gym owners and team managers.

Coach Entry

One IASF/USASF/NZCU/NZCA/ICU credentialed coach per 10 athletes may attend free. If a team only has one coach, then an additional chaperone(s) may attend free, in keeping with the same 1:10 ratio. When a team only has one coach, chaperones may accompany a team through warm ups but must not coach the team in any way (they may operate the music).

Coaches and chaperones must be listed on the team registration form and have valid photo ID on hand (Driver's licence or passport). This will be checked prior to team warm ups. Any additional coaches or chaperones must pay the regular spectator entry fee.

Age Divisions

Cheer and Dance teams must abide by the NZCU 2019 age grid. Ages are as at 31 December 2019.
Schools may compete in regular club team sections if they choose to.

Music Submission

All music must be clearly labelled and emailed to by 9 August at 5pm. It is highly recommended that coaches have back up music available on an AUX cable compatible device.

Registration Process

1. Complete online registration here between 9am April 15 and 5pm June 21.
Be sure to accurately fill out the 'payment extension' section. We hope that this will help to reduce stress for clubs who are chasing up outstanding balances, and allow for the late fees to be passed on directly to those athletes, rather then cause the entire team to pay the late entry rate or the club to front up with athletes entry fees. See the pricing section below for more information.
2. Make payment of the specified amount to account 02-0544-0049232-000 using your club or athlete name as a reference before 5pm on June 21.
3. You will receive an invoice/receipt for the amount paid / and outstanding balance due.
4. Further information will be sent via email closer to the event


Registration fees are non-refundable, except for injured athletes withdrawing less than 2 weeks prior to competition. In this case a 30% admin fee will apply. All withdrawals are final once received, processed and confirmed by Ministry of Cheer.


Ministry of Cheer competitions are open to all athletes from any club. However, to take part in mini challenges held throughout the day you must be a registered Ministry of Cheer athlete and display the correct athlete verification.


A maximum of 5 crossovers are permitted per team. An crossover fee of $25 per crossover athlete will apply. Crossovers must be specifically listed on the registration form.

Divisions Offered

The divisions below will be split by age and team size as per the IASF Age Grid with NZCU adaptations at the time of the event. Divisions may be split or combined at Spirit Events’ discretion. Notice of any division changes will be given to affected teams by 15 August 2019.

Cheer Team Divisions

NZCU Novice -2:00 time limit

IASF Levels 1, 2, 3, 4.2, 4, 5, 6, 7 - 2:30 time limit


NZCU Novice - 2:00 time limit

All other levels - 2:30 time limit

University division note: A 30 second cheer is required in addition to the 2:30 routine

High school division note: A 30 second cheer may be included in addition to the 2:30 routine, however this will not be scored.


Individual Cheer IASF Levels 1-7, Duo Cheer IASF Levels 1-7 - 1:00 time limit

Group Stunt IASF Levels 1-7, Partner Stunt IASF Levels 1-7 - 1:00 time limit


Individual, Duo, Trio - 1:00 time limit


Club cheer teams

$65 per athlete


$40 per athlete


$35 per athlete

Group or partner stunt

$35 per athlete

Please note that Spirit Events Ltd is not currently a GST registered company. As such, the prices listed above do not include GST.

Athletes Late payment extensions

We understand that it can be challenging to arrange payment for competitions, especially those mid-season like Ministry of Cheer.

Club's have the option to make payment for at least 90% of their athletes, and then pay the balance plus a $40 per athlete late payment fee by 1 August.

We hope that this helps clubs by allowing them to pass late entry costs directly on to the late-paying athletes, rather than forcing clubs to either cover the cost for late-paying athletes, or pay the entire teams entry late, and therefore penalise the entire team.

Any late-paying athletes must be specified upon registration. All communication with Ministry of Cheer regarding late payment extensions will be with the club contact person only, not individual athletes or their parents/caregivers. 

Late payments are limited to 10% of the clubs total competitors. e.g. if a club enters 40 athletes, a maximum of 4 athletes late payment extensions will be permitted. Registration will not be accepted if late payments exceed 10% of the clubs total competitors.

This payment extension applies only to school and club cheer team entries. Dance and specialty items are not eligible. 

Spectator Information

Spectator Tickets

Pre-purchased online

$11 per person, under 5s free

Door sales

$14 per person, under 5s free

Cash and EFTPOS facilities available


Teams will be scored according to the ASCA scoring rubric as adapted by the NZCU.

Specialty items will be scored according to the NZCU specialty item scoring rubric.

For more information on scoring, visit