2018 Vendor Registration Form

Please complete the below form if you would like to be consider as a Ministry of Cheer Vendor in 2018! Please contact us if you have any questions. Registration closes August 1 2018. Payments are due within 7 days of registration. Vendor cost is $100 + GST per stall.

Vendor Information

At Ministry of Cheer, we strive to create a world class event, and a huge part of that is having fabulous vendors!

We know that you create and sell quality products, and would love to have everyone join us at our event. But unfortunately, not everyone will be able to sell the same products while maintaining a healthy business and as such we will be restricting the number of vendors selling particular products this year. We believe that this will benefit you all as business owners.

Vendors will be selected and placed into categories based on a first in first served basis, as long as they meet our requirements for professionalism, variety of items, specialised products and flexibility.

  • Bows                 2 Vendors
  • Other               TBC (This will be based on particular items from vendors)
  • Clothing           2 Vendors

Clothing Vendors

The vendors that will be selling clothing items will not be able to sell bows, t-shirts or hoodies, but may sell other clothing items such as crop tops, shorts, singlets, track pants and other apparel.

Bow Vendors

The vendors selling bows may only sell bows and any other bow related product such as bow holders, or bow key rings.

Other Vendor

The vendors selling other items can include anything else not already sold by other vendors. This may include shoes, posters, drink bottles, backpacks etc. Please specify the intended items upon registration.

Vendor Expectations

  • All vendors should have appropriate signs for their stall that identifies their company. These sign should be professional. Hand drawn signs are not acceptable. It is the vendor’s responsibility to display their signs, not the event organisers.
  • As well as signs, vendors should have clearly displayed prices lists, these must also be professional and not hand drawn.
  • Staff members working at the vendor's stall should reflect the vendor and as such should be wearing a uniform that matches all other staff working at the stall. (This may be interpreted as you like and you are more than welcome to have a t-shirt with your logo and/or name on, or just matching t-shirts).
  • Staff members should not be wearing a cheerleading uniform, including team bows, or any other items that represent anyone other than the vendor.
  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to set up and pack down their stall, and to maintain its tidiness during the event.
  • We highly recommend making EFTPOS available.

Ministry of Cheer's Responsibility

  • We will provide each vendor with the same number of tables, equal in size to ensure fairness.
  • We will provide suitable location for your stall in the venue, as we want athletes to visit your stall. All stalls will be located in the hallway rather than the arena to encourage traffic past each vendor fairly. Each location within the hallway (e.g by the doors) will be randomly selected.
  • We will enforce the set out restrictions on items to make sure your business has a fair chance of making a profit.
  • We will assist with any problems before, during and after the event should you need us.
  • We will have constant communication with you leading up to the event, to ensure your stall meets both yours and our expectations.
  • And most importantly, we will provide you with a great atmosphere where your business can thrive.
  • Allow early entry to the venue for set up from 7am on the day of the event (early set up may be granted on a case by case basis for vendors who are also involved in Ministry of Cheer in other capacities e.g. competing, coaching or judging)

General Terms and Conditions

  • Payments are required by the due date. No late payments or registrations will be accepted.

  • Vendors must strive to meet expectations set out by Ministry of Cheer and Spirit Events Ltd.

  • Ministry of Cheer reserves the right to move the stall to another location or close it down if not meeting standards.

  • Any use of Ministry of Cheer logo, names or anything else affiliated to the brand on products is not allowed unless previously agreed upon.

  • Any reference to Ministry of Cheer or Spirit Events Ltd on social media must not disrupt the reputation of the event, or show the event or any of the competing teams or athletes in a negative light.

  • No flash photography is allowed in the venue at all times.
  • Staff members who are having a break must ensure they are still representing their brand as well as Ministry of Cheer and any actions on these breaks should not compromise the reputation or safety of the event. (For example, no smoking on or near the premises).
  • All vendors must conduct themselves in a manner demonstrating good sportsmanship during the event and may not show any support to a particular club or team.


  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to make sure all staff members know the emergency procedure. This can be emailed upon request at ministryofcheer@spiritevents.co.nz
  • Any safety hazards involving signs, supplied equipment such as tables, and lighting must be reported to the event organisers ASAP.


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